Walk in Freezer Rooms

What are walk in freezer rooms?

A walk in freezer room is a purpose-built storage solution to keep stock refrigerated or frozen at a cold temperature. The temperature of a walk in freezer room is an artificially generated environment – meaning the temperature can be manually controlled. The scale of cold rooms can vary from large commercial setups to small cold rooms utilise in labs, pharmacies and restaurants.

Cold Room Temperatures

Walk-in freezer rooms are an excellent, practical storage solution that transforms how you keep stock at the required temperature, from perishable food items to Pharmaceuticals.

Cold rooms can operate in one of two temperature zones. The first zone operates between 2 -12 degrees, often referred to as a walk-in chiller. They are mainly used to store consumable goods that are rotated every few days.

The second temperature zone operates between -2 and 5 degrees, and act as a freezer. This is generally used for products that are used in a few days to a few weeks. Storing products at a colder temperature is a preference in many industries, as they preserve items that quickly go out of date. Keeping just below freezing is the optimum temperature for a lot of food products to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible.

Benefits of Walk In Freezer Rooms

There are several benefits of cold rooms. For food production companies, they help save money as it avoids unnecessary food wastage and food going spoiled.

Hotels and restaurants can ensure they use fresh produce without the risk of it not being able to be used. In the absence of a cold room, it is difficult and expensive for all foods to stay fresh and at optimum quality.

A walk in freezer room can hold large quantities of stock in the same place, meaning you can have more product in a chosen area on-site in an organised and efficient way.

Another benefit of Cold storage rooms are them being more energy-efficient than having many standard fridges and freezers saving you money on monthly bills

Who Uses Walk In Freezer Rooms?

Cold Store Group provide walk in freezer rooms to many different industries on a rental or purchase basis.

They include:

Walk in Freezer Room Manufacturers

Cold Store Group supply a number of walk in freezer rooms to suit your budget. We offer many standard sizes for rent or purchase, as well as an option to have a bespoke design made to fit perfectly in your commercial space. Contact us today for a tailored quotation.

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