Cold Room Rental

We’ve made leasing your cold storage with us even simpler, with even bigger benefits, you will have the option to own the cold storage equipment at the end of your initial rental period via our unique purchase option, whilst still maintaining the rental revenue stream for accounting purposes.

The benefits of a coldroom lease

With a rent to buy cold room, the benefits are clear:

You’ll have greater flexibility

You won’t have to worry about finding capital for a cold room like you would if you were buying one outright.

We can tailor the process so it suits your changing circumstances, if you’re looking to increase and expand your business, your rent to buy cold storage can expand with you.

Service and maintenance are also included in your plan, so you won’t have to worry about any unseen costs.

Predictable expenditure

It’s a lot easier to budget properly when you know your outgoings are fixed. Your rent to buy walk-in cold room will be something you don’t have to worry about. This means you’ll be able to retain your capital and increase your cash flow.

Renting cold storage can be offset against corporate tax as it is usually classed as a business expense, so you can use the savings to help push your business in the right direction.

The best storage solution

We always make sure to find you the most suitable and most cost-effective solutions for your needs. We can build bespoke units and will always make sure we provide the best value we can. No matter what your payment terms, you can always be sure you’ll be getting the best service.

We’re fully FCA approved.

So you can be certain that you have the most efficient, safe and reliable cold storage available.

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