Raw Pet Food Cold Storage

Commercial Walk In Cold Rooms

Cold Store Group have successfully installed a range of walk-in cold rooms to aid pet food companies such as Cotswold Raw, store their raw food products at the ideal chilled temperature.

Being an official distributor of MISA Coldrooms in the UK, we have a comprehensive range of products to cater to all of the demands for the raw pet food industry. We install cold rooms in all sizes, but a popular choice in commercial cold storage is large on-site walk-in chiller rooms and freezers, giving ultimate convenience and practicality.

With years of experience in providing pet food storage means we understand how crucial it is that the premium and quality meals for pets reach the right temperature quickly, and compliant with the relevant regulations.  Our temperature-controlled storage means you can keep large amounts of raw pet food at optimum temperature, safely and hygienically. The care taken in sourcing and production needs to be maintained in the storage process, to ensure high standards are maintained.

Our Cold room units have a controlled internal temperature with high-quality insulation, ensuring ideal conditions are maintained round the clock. They have tight walls and floor junctions to remain airtight, as well as durable surfaces that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

Advantages of Cold Room for Your Raw Pet Food Company

Large Capacity for Products – Due to the large surface area of a walk-in cold room, the volume of stock that can be held means you can keep large amounts of raw food meals fresh on-site

Stock Rotation & Less Food Waste – It is vital to keep track of produce dates and ensure regular stock rotation. Having an on-site cold room allows your staff to easily organise and rotate stock daily, ensuring you never run out of items and limit food wastage

Cost-effective – It is an economical solution when you compare the running of one large cold room to several small fridge freezers. You will also avoid the maintenance and upkeep of the fridges and having to replace them individually as they break or need repairing

Flexible Location to Install – Our raw pet food cold rooms can be positioned anywhere with enough space, both internally or externally with weatherproofing. We can work with you to design a bespoke cold room to utilise all the available floor space. Many choose to have external cold rooms to not take away from internal space

Hygienic Storage – Cold rooms for raw pet food is a great choice to ensure your stock is kept hygienically. The large internal area means you can organise and separate different types of products with ease

Bespoke to Match Your Requirements – We give our customers the option to design a fully bespoke cold room, with our trusted advice and ideas. We go the extra mile to ensure you are left with a storage space fit-for-purpose, being efficient and practical for your raw pet food business

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Managing Director of Cotswold RAW, Mark Lewis says, “We have worked with Steve and the Cold Store Group team for the past couple of years and their knowledge, expertise and advice has helped our company to expand capacity immensely. Whenever I phone Steve, he is always able to respond quickly to our needs and also has provided us with some useful contacts in the industry.”

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