Pharmaceutical Cold Storage – Temperature Controlled

Cold Store Group are experts in offering cold room pharmaceutical storage to many successful businesses.

We are the official UK distributor of MISA Coldrooms and have a comprehensive range of products to offer companies based within the pharmaceutical industry. We have a high-quality reputation in the pharmaceutical sector with many successful installations and repeat customers to date.

We understand that any compromise in stored inventory quality can have severe implications on the health of patients which means that healthcare providers need to take caution to ensure the security and quality of their pharmaceutical cold chains.

Our range of temperature-controlled storage means you can safely keep pharmaceutical products such as medicines at the required temperature, safely and hygienically. Our equipment is available on a rental lease or purchase basis, at affordable pricing.

Why Do You Need Pharmaceutical Cold Storage?

Under the GDP (Goods Distribution Practice) healthcare regulations, 99% of healthcare products are required to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment.

We work with companies such as PharmaFreight, which supply and transport children’s medicines, cancer drugs and other life-saving treatment across the UK. By Cold Store Group supplying an extensive pharmaceutical chilling system, they can safely transport medicines throughout the supply chain, keeping products chilled and always preserved.  We also provide a 24/7 support service in the event of any issues occurring.

We take the time to understand and enhance your existing solution, ensuring we deliver a bespoke cold room installation that keeps your pharmaceutical products under strict temperature controls, including back up systems and alarms to ensure you always have a fully operational service.

Advantages of Having a Pharmaceutical Cold Room

Whether you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, hospital, or medical company, our industry expertise mean we know exactly what works from experience, on whatever size or scale. Our advanced refrigeration offerings will meet any hygiene, building, fire and safety standards that you need to.

Meet strict temperature controls and health regulations – Due to our experience in this area, we will work with you to make sure the environment is kept under strict control, absent of external factors that could compromise the environment.

Large Capacity – Due to the large surface area of cold rooms, it can hold a large volume of medical stock. This is an advantage if you have lots of the same medicine that all need to be kept in the same conditions.

Redundancy Options – We can offer redundancy solutions with options such as alarms set up to trigger a second cooling system if the original one was to fail for any reason.

Bespoke Cold Room Design – Your Pharmaceutical cold room can be tailored to your requirements, with a bespoke design, considering the area set up and what stock intends to be stored. We ensure our designs all utilise the maximum amount of space to be the most efficient and practical storage it can be.

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