Cold Room Food Storage

Cold Store Group are the official distributor of MISA Coldrooms in the UK, and we are experts in offering cold room food storage to many successful businesses. We have a comprehensive range of products to offer companies based within the food service industry. Our wide range of temperature-controlled storage means you can keep large amounts of food stock at optimum temperature, safely and hygienically.

What is a Food Cold Room?

A food cold room is a large refrigeration unit that can be set to the required chilled temperature to store food.

If your business needs to ensure many items are kept cold, then a food cold room is exactly what you are looking for.

Cold room storage units are designed to have a controlled internal temperature with high-quality insulation. They have tight walls and floor junctions to remain airtight, as well as durable surfaces that can be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected.

A very common option in commercial cold storage are walk-in chiller rooms and freezers, combining convenience and practicality.

Advantages of Having a Cold Room in Your Restaurant or Supply Chain

Large Capacity – Due to the large surface area of a cold room, the volume of stock that can be held in there means you can keep large amounts of food fresh for longer, saving on the number of deliveries required.

Stock Rotation & Less Food Waste –In the food and hospitality industry, it’s vital to keep track of produce dates and ensure regular stock rotation. Having an on-site cold room allows your staff to easily organise and rotate stock daily, ensuring you never run out of items and limit food wastage.

Economical – It is a lot more economical to run one large food cold room than several small fridges. You will also avoid the maintenance and upkeep of the fridges, replacing them individually as they break or need repairing.

Flexible Location to Install –A cold room can be positioned almost anywhere, internally or externally with weatherproofing. If you have enough place to install, we can design a bespoke cold food room to make use of the available floor space. Many choose to have external cold rooms to not take away from internal space.

Hygienic Storage –Cold room food storage is an excellent choice to ensure your stock is kept as hygienically as possible. The large internal area means different food groups such as meat can be separated. Having the reassurance that your stock will be kept at the optimum temperature to preserve it.

Bespoke Design to Match Requirements –Your cold room storage can be designed bespoke, considering the area set up and what you will be storing inside. We ensure our designs all utilise the maximum amount of space to be the most efficient and practical storage it can be.

Invest in Top-quality Commercial Cold Storage of Food Products

We supply walk-in chiller and freezer rooms in various sizes and finishes depending on your requirements.

Cold Store Group can offer you a bespoke design to installation service, ensuring your food cold room is functional and integrates with your available space. We offer full customisation of our standard cold rooms including options of plastic panels, edges, roof, walk-in floor, hinged door, lighting kit and refrigeration unit (Freeblock or Misasplit). We offer a fast turnaround once orders are placed, then installing your new cold room quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for a tailored quotation!

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