Yau Brothers expand freezer capacity to provide a real taste of the orient

Yau Brothers food cold storageYau Brothers have been bringing an authentic taste of the orient to its customers from across the south of England for more than 30 years. The company’s founder, Raymond Yau started his own takeaway establishment after arriving in the UK from Hong Kong back in the 1970’s. Today the growing business is a successful supermarket and internet retailer based in Southampton, selling a wide range of oriental ingredients that supplies restaurants, catering establishments and the general public.

The aisles of the store are a real feast for the eyes, containing all kinds of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Asian and Far East cuisine. Keeping the chilled and frozen foods at exactly the right temperature is of course crucial for the business and for supplying quality ingredients to its customers. So when Yau Brothers decided they needed to increase the amount of freezer space available and improve the visual impact to service increased demand from their retail clients, they turned to Cold Store Group for their advice and a solution.

Managing Director Chi Yau says, “We know that Cold Store Group have extensive experience working with specialist German manufacturers of cold store units and we love the excellent build quality of the Viessmann product. We also wanted a bespoke solution that would fit in with the available space and at the same time, increase the size of the display area for our customers.

Chi added, “Achieving a similar look and feel throughout our store is really important to us, as is investing in equipment which is flexible, can be moved easily if required and is also accessible. For example, with the new installation we are able to access the shelves from behind the unit enabling us to load the shelves much more easily than previously.

“Thanks to Steve Prior and the Cold Store Group team, we now have a customised solution that was designed precisely for our requirements. That means we now have more storage capacity for our frozen foods, which is great news for us and for our growing retail business.”

Steve Prior, Managing Director of Cold Store Group says, “We fully understood how important it was to Yau Brothers to increase the amount of freezer capacity in the most efficient and cost effective way. That’s why we recommended taking a standard freezer unit, which we would then customise to fit into the available space. We are delighted that Yau Brothers are pleased with the results.”

Cold room food storage

The new freezer is extremely portable so that if in the future the business decides to move the installation to another part of a store, this is possible. Furthermore, the unit has six-point of sale triple glazed glass doors with LEd lights, helping to maximise product visibility to customers in-store. The project was also designed and implemented to allow for further customisation if necessary; providing the company with all the flexibility it needs for the future.

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