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Raw food cold storageThe award-winning raw pet food company, Wolf Tucker, has recently expanded its business and installed two new freezer rooms, enabling the company to better manage increased demand and meet the needs of its growing client base.

Two Freezer Room Installation

We supplied two freezer rooms; one for raw materials and dog treats, and the other with a despatch area for the products being shipped to customers. Wolf Tucker sources, produces, packages and ships raw dog food across the UK. Working with holistic vets, its core business focuses on raising awareness of a raw diet and the benefits that it has for all dogs.

Co-founder of Wolf Tucker, Mandy Maidment, explains: “Raw feeding can improve your pet’s digestive system, decrease the risk of cancer and other life-changing diseases, and improve their skin and coat condition.

“With all natural ingredients sourced from Defra-approved UK farms, everything we do produces the highest quality pet food possible and there are no additives, chemicals or synthetic substances. We know that it’s important to keep our products at the optimum temperature to keep them safe, and so we have been careful to select the best cold room provider for our needs.

“When we realised that we were close to reaching full capacity, we contacted Steve at Cold Store Group who advised the best solution for our new premises. The team presented us with several plans and gave us a lot of advice on how to move forward – his experience was really key to us.”

We have been working with raw pet food manufacturers and suppliers for over a year now and are able to specify which units are ideal for freezing down raw pet food overnight prior to despatch. With the correct units in place, it’s easy to streamline the production process, and enables Wolf Tucker to fulfil more customer orders.

Mandy continues, “It’s important that we have a reliable solution as the business continues to grow and to support us with expanding into new markets, we are looking to develop a similar natural feeding process for cats.”

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