Walnut Pet Supplies keeps cool

We have recently provided a cold store solution to natural dog food specialist, Walnut Pet Supplies.The Milton Keynes-based natural food specialist provides hypoallergenic food that ensures pets are kept healthy and happy with food containing no added additives, gluten, wheat or chemicals.

Natural dog food cold store solution

Nigel Labaleine, Manager, at Walnut Pet Supplies comments: “We specialise in natural dog food, and a lot of it is frozen, raw food when it is sold to our customers. As the market is growing quickly, we wanted to get ahead and make sure that we had a freezer in to keep our produce fresh at all times.

“Cold Store Group has helped us install an essential cold store solution to make sure we can continue to grow and ensure that we can support our customers both in store and online.”

Cold Store Group has provided an external bespoke freezer on a long term five year rental with twin refrigeration systems. Steve Prior, Director at Cold Store Group, explains: “Each refrigeration system offers 65% back up duty at an operating temperature -25°C. We have used a complete new build in this project and tailor-made racking solution to fit Walnut Pet Supplies and its requirements, providing a realistic rental plan.”

Cold Store Group offers a range of rental equipment for short, medium or long term installations, as well as smaller point of sale display cases and chest freezers.

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