The best thing since sliced bacon

Thurne-MiddlebyThurne-Middleby showcases meat slicing equipment in new facility

Renowned manufacturer of meat slicing equipment, Thurne-Middleby, has recently installed a large chiller room and dual freezer unit as part of a new showcasing suite at its premises in Norwich.

Large Chiller Rooms

The cold rooms, installed by us, are a key part of the investment that Thurne-Middleby has made into developing the new facility. The large chiller room enables customers to view live demonstrations conducted by staff, so they can assess the capabilities of the slicing equipment in simulated food factory conditions.

The additional dual freezer was specified and installed in order to meet strict temperature requirements at which to store the meats; to showcase the equipment with optimum slicing results, meats such as bacon need to be held at temperatures between -5 degrees and -9 degrees.

Kris Debacker, Operations Manager at Thurne-Middleby, said “Our new cold room facility is superb. We are now able to simulate slicing lines in factory conditions, giving our customers a true-to-life demonstration of how the equipment will work for them.”

“Product conditioning is key to the performance of our slicers, and the tempering requirements for products can vary greatly. Having the dual freezer gives us the flexibility to hold several products at their optimum temperature, ready for machine testing and customer demonstrations.”

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