Chilling raw pet food has never been easier for Scruffles Pet Supplies

Scruffles Pet Supplies cold room food storageMelanie and Rob Lees are passionate about the health and wellbeing of pets. When they decided to explore ways of improving the cold storage of their raw pet food products, they turned to Cold Store Group for a solution.

The successful Tewkesbury based business, Scruffles Pet Supplies, stock raw and natural based products from the main brands such as Nutriment, Alaska and The Dogs Butcher, providing a one stop shop for everything that the pet owner needs to keep their dogs and cats well-nourished and healthy.

Until this year, Scruffles were using 29 individual freezers to store the products, so the couple wanted a more efficient way of improving the cold storage. Working with Steve Prior, Managing Director of Cold Store Group, Rob and Melanie were guided through the different freezer options and decided to acquire a walk-in freezer to replace the separate cold storage units. This had a number of benefits, being more efficient with all the products kept in one place; reducing the carbon footprint by using less energy and enabling the business to maintain better temperature control.

Food cold room

In July, the installation of the new walk-in freezer was completed and provides Scruffles with plenty of increased capacity to expand as their business requires it. The freezer is 36m2 in size and is currently used to store around 15 tonnes of pet food. However, the total capacity is far greater than this should Scruffles need to store bigger volumes of their raw and natural products.

Rob says, “The new freezer allows us to keep our pet food at the perfect ambient temperature, which means that the products are maintained in a much better condition for longer. We strongly believe that feeding your pet the natural way with no additives or preservatives gives your pet the best diet possible – and to do this, you need to have the right quality, chilled and cold storage equipment in place.

“We were extremely impressed with the professionalism of Steve and his team at Cold Storage Rentals. The company talked through all of the potential options for our business, the freezer was installed within the agreed time scale and the customer service was excellent,” Rob continued.

Managing Director of Cold Store Group, Steve Prior says, “We have a wide range of experience in assisting raw pet food suppliers with chilled and cold storage solutions and when Rob & Melanie contacted us, we were delighted to help. The new walk-in freezer enables the Scruffles team to pick items more efficiently and ultimately to provide a better quality service – with the crucial ingredient, that the produce is maintained at exactly the right temperature.”

To find out more about Cold Store Group’ storage options and how they could help your business, call the office on 0333 270 9989. Cold Store Group is also on Twitter @coldstorerental.

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