PharmaFreight Receives Vital Cold Room for their MHRA-Licensed Warehouse

pharmaceutical cold roomThousands of vital medicines are transported around the UK every day by pharmaceutical logistics specialist, PharmaFreight, including children’s medicines, high-value cancer drugs, and life-saving treatments for UK government health workers on deployment. PharmaFreight has recently expanded its MHRA-licensed Ashford LHR site to include a cold room to house this valuable stock.

Pharmaceutical Chilling

Working in pharmaceutical chilling, our team supplied a Viessmann cold room with Zanotti twin/dual packaged refrigeration systems each offering 65% duty to ensure that cold chain products are kept between +2 and +8°C.

Commercial Director, Andy Hughes, explains: “Under the new GDP (Good Distribution Practice) healthcare regulations, 99% of healthcare products require some kind of temperature control. In light of this and due to our ongoing development and growth, we invested in a larger refrigeration facility and new fully temperature-controlled warehouse which enables us to offer services that we couldn’t before.

“Our site is fully licensed by MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and we are one of a handful of transportation companies with a WDA (Wholesale Distribution Authorisation), meaning we can safely transport medicines brought into the UK for distribution, and also to named patients and sites around the world.”

Our cold room has been temperature-mapped in line with GDP, monitoring how it performs in various scenarios such as an impact test (turning it off to simulate a breakdown or power cut); what happens when both full and empty of product; and also with the door open to monitor how the temperature would change if someone were to leave the door open inadvertently.

In addition to supplying the equipment, our team is providing a 24/7 support service for this PharmaFreight site. To find out more call the head office on 0333 258 0200.

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