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Producer of a live-cultured fermented tea that naturally and deliciously restores and maintains beneficial gut bacteria

P J Kombucha cold room storage

P J Kombucha

With over 4 years’ experience in Kombucha production and with a background in scientific research, Patrick has put his skills to use and explored the UK market with his special blend of teas and traditional approach to Kombucha Brewing.

Made to measure chiller with a packaged refrigeration system

Due to the sensitive and volatile nature of the product, it is essential that it is accurately temperature, oxygenated and aeration controlled, so we provided a made to measure chiller with a packaged refrigeration system for the finished product to be stored, prior to customer despatch.

As a new business we provided P J Kombucha, with flexible rental terms to support his growing business and enable them to get the business critical, refrigeration system they required.

P J Kombucha cold food storage“It is 100% essential for the product to be refrigerated, if bottles were left at room temperature they would continue to ferment and result in a Kombucha that is no longer below 0.5%ABV (The Legal Non-Alcoholic Limit).

“We manufacture our Kombucha in the most natural way possible using no additives, which means our product has a very short shelf life”.

“If we didn’t have such a reliable refrigeration system, we would not be able to operate. The advice, service and support made it an easy decision to choose CSR as our cold store supplier, as our business grows so will our refrigeration system from Cold Store Group”.

Patrick is based in Birmingham but as he continues to refine his recipe he is looking to expand his business and grow further afield.

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