Cold Store Group supports raw food supplier Nutriment


Cold Store Group (CSR) has supplied specialist temperature control solutions to raw dog food supplier, Nutriment, a company which is rapidly growing thanks to the rising popularity of fresh food diets for dogs.

Suzanne Brock, Director at Nutriment, explains: “95% of everything we do is frozen, so we must have reliable equipment available to look after our stock. Using the very best ingredients, we blast / rapidly freeze our product as quickly as possible (usually overnight) so that when the customer defrosts the food, they have at least three or four days’ freshness of the raw ingredients. It’s like superfood for dogs.

“We’ve been working with Cold Store Group now since we started 18 months ago, as they fulfil a niche we can’t get elsewhere. It wasn’t possible for us to lay out six figures for a freezer, for example, so lease hire from the team at CSR is a perfect solution.”

Branded Freezers and Display Fridges

Cold Store Group offers a complete package to Nutriment, including branded freezers and display fridges for its stockists and retail outlets.

Steve Prior, Director at Cold Store Group, comments: “We have installed two bespoke built-up blast freezers to the Nutriment main site before and after Christmas and have supplied their stockists with chest freezers to keep the product frozen right up until it reaches the customer.”

Suzanne continues, “We need to have confidence in what we produce, and are always pleased with the solutions from Cold Store Group.  We fully expect to get further equipment in a couple of months when the business has grown even more.”

Cold Store Group offers modular and bespoke solutions so that customers can add freezers as per their requirements. To find out more visit or call the office on 0333 255 7623.

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