Natural raw food specialist installs new freezer room

Naturally Healthy DogsRaw pet food distributor, Naturally Healthy Dogs, has recently installed a new walk-in freezer room and refrigeration system to its new premises. We have supplied the company with an internal, new- build Viessmann freezer room with Zanotti refrigeration systems.

New-build Viessmann Freezer Room

Naturally Healthy Dogs distributes raw feeding products around East Anglia and has recently up-sized their premises due to increased demand. The new site now includes a shop for local customers and more space for stock management. Julie Arnold, Director of Naturally Healthy Dogs, comments: “We have been working with natural supplements and holistic therapies for a while, and have recently expanded into the raw feeding market for dogs as we believe that natural food is incredibly important.

“Moving into our new premises has meant that we now have the space to manage the products, because we need to make sure that all of our food remains in excellent condition, at the right temperature, before it reaches the animals.

“Rather than buy a walk-in freezer for the products outright, we wanted to hire the equipment. Cold Store Group came highly recommended from other pet food manufacturers that we deal with such as Nutriment, and the solution that was provided has been perfectly suitable for what we need.”

We supplied a Viessmann freezer room with Zanotti refrigeration systems, which allows Naturally Healthy Dogs to rapid-freeze the stock. Steve Prior explains: “The units allow for food to be stored between -18°C and -25°C – the ideal conditions for natural food, before being distributed to stores and customers. Having worked with other pet food manufacturers, we know how important it is to ensure the food is frozen quickly.

“Our rental options ensure that Naturally Healthy Dogs can continue to grow its business without interruption to cashflow with any capital outlay.”

Julie Arnold continues: “Our whole business focuses on the raw feeding of animals and strengthening dogs with a natural diet in order to cut down the toxins and chemicals that dogs would otherwise ingest. We believe natural food helps with cutting down vet bills, as well as making sure your pet is as healthy as possible.”

Naturally Healthy Dogs also caters for cats, ferrets, reptiles and birds of prey with raw frozen food, natural treats and natural health supplements.

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