Marvellous Merveilleux’s are chilled for patisserie’s grand opening

Marvellous Merveilleux’sSuccessful husband and wife partnership, Didier and Laure Merveilleux have run the renowned Didier’s Patisserie in Greenwich for over 20 years, catering for shops and outlets across the country, and supplying special events such as Wimbledon and the Queen’s garden parties with specialist cakes and patisserie products.

Two years ago when Didier mentioned he would like to open a customer-facing shop, selling all manner of specialist sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and chocolates, the challenge began to find the right venue for the new ‘Marvellous by Didier’ shop.

Cold room food storage

“London is a very challenging city” says Laure, Financial Director, “and we had many specific requirements, particularly the cold storage.”

Having found the perfect venue in Cavendish Place near Oxford Street, which has a basement twice the size of the ground floor, there is enough room to accommodate a VIP area that can seat up to 30 people.

Laure continues, “It is important that we have a VIP room to offer a special experience for our guests. Crucially, the guests can see into the kitchen and our talented patisserie chefs at work.

“Because of this, our main challenge was to fit cold storage equipment that is very quiet, so the guests can have the best possible experience.”

Due to a long history of working together and a successful partnership at the patisserie in Greenwich, Didier contacted Steve Prior at Cold Store Group for this unique project.

Steve, who has worked with Didier and Laure for over 10 years, says “The refrigeration that we installed was custom-built to fit the exact dimensions in the kitchen and to make the best use of available space.

“The cold room had to be easily connected, easy to maintain and easy to clean.

“All of this was fully manageable; we use Silverprotec antimicrobial coating for hygiene, and to keep the noise as minimal as possible, we use Viessmann and Zanotti systems.”

Laure adds “Getting the right equipment is a key element for our product in terms of quality control, we want to make sure our equipment doesn’t let anyone down and is up to our high standards.

“Steve has worked to our requirements all the way through, and fitted-in with our busy time schedule.”

The new equipment is being rented from Cold Store Group with the support of Satellite Finance, both companies are FCA approved.

Thanks to an introduction from Steve, Satellite Finance has been able to further support the opening of Marvellous by Didier by providing funding and delivering a multi-supplier lease deal.

Andrew Morelli, Business Development Manager at Satellite Finance says, “It’s been great for us to be able to support Didier and Laure with their new venture and help speed up the project for them by providing funding and dealing with their suppliers.

“To assist the Mervellieux’s, we dealt with around seven suppliers for both sale-and-lease-back, and straight forward leasing, and we ensured all the correct monetary agreements were completed.

“In total, we were able to fund around £100,000 for the project. Dealing with multiple suppliers is our speciality.

“I like to call our team the ‘Satellite Swans’, because although there’s a huge amount of work involved in projects such as this and they paddle hard, they keep the process graceful, seamless and easy for the customer.”

Marvellous by Didier is now open at 5 Cavendish Place, London, W1G 0QA. Tube station: Oxford Circus.

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