Brewing up more storage capacity for Loose Cannon

loose cannon case studyHaving installed a 60 pallet in-house cold store for the Loose Cannon microbrewery in 2010, Cold Store Group were excited to be invited back to build an extension to provide increased chilling space for Loose Cannon’s ever popular real ales.

Loose Cannon Brewery in Abingdon was established in 2009 by Will Laithwaite – middle son of the Laithwaite’s wine empire. The micro-brewery is renowned for producing a perfect brew, making seasonal beers and bringing real ale into the 21st Century.

Microbrewery cold storage

Abingdon Bridge, or “Bridge” as it is affectionately known, is Loose Cannon’s most popular real ale and the summer of 2014 saw the launch of Abingdon 251 – a dark beer with UK and US hops and hints of plum.

“The secret to a successful brew is the cooling”, says Will, “Which begins in fermentation tanks controlled by chillers at a constant temperature of 21oc. The ale is then conditioned at a temperature of 6oc, transferred into casks and kept in our cold store”.

Cold Store Group’ original modular store was capable of housing 60 pallets of casks. In the early summer of 2014 Steve Prior, Cold Store Group Director, was asked to install an extension to provide Loose Cannon with double the overall storage capacity under their existing mezzanine floor and allow internal forklift impact protection.

Will commented, “I was extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency of the Cold Store Group products and team when we placed our original order, so I had no hesitation in asking them back to carry out our extension. The actual build only took 3 days which allowed us to store the large quantities required of our summer beer Bombshell in time for the flood of orders”.

Commenting on the installation Steve said, “We were delighted to return to Loose Cannon to provide one additional packaged refrigeration system and a 100mm King span, fire rated, PIR panel extension to the existing facility. A quick turnaround was required and the bespoke extension was fully installed and commissioned within a 4 week timeframe”.

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