Freezer room supports raw pet food company Cotswold RAW

raw pet food cold storageThe raw pet food industry is growing quickly, with manufacturers stressing the importance of reliable storage of frozen products. Independent manufacturer, Cotswold RAW, delivers the convenience of a processed food with all the health benefits of a fresh and varied raw diet – and we’ve recently installed a blast freezer room for them. 

We have installed a three-year rent-to-buy blast freezer room to independent, family-run raw pet food specialists, Cotswold RAW, to ensure that the food is kept as fresh as possible before being transported to customers and retail outlets.

Chris Brierley, Director of Cotswold RAW, explains: “We pride ourselves on our processes and getting the human-grade ingredients from the wholesale market to the production line and then straight to the freezer in half a day. We make everything on site and use trusted couriers to ensure that our products deliver as intended and that the products are easy to use once they have been defrosted.”

Blast Freezer Room

We supplied a blast freezer room with the ability to freeze 1000kg of raw food down to -18°C over a 24 hour period, and racking to assist airflow around the products inside. The room also has the capabilities to double in size when the production on-site increases, and pallet-wide doors for future large product storage.

Brierley continues, “The raw food industry has to be careful with the food that it manufactures and so we always have high standards for temperature control. The more that we can do to keep the product frozen and fresh, the better it is for everyone.”

The commercial industry of the raw feeding sector is new and growing quickly. Cotswold RAW started selling its healthy raw products in September this year and is already seeing demand from distributors around the country. Brierley continues, “Unlike us, most raw pet food manufacturers are based in the South East, so we are building our company to be synonymous with the good, organic, healthy produce of the Cotswolds.

“Cold Store Group has a proven track record with other companies in our industry so we feel comfortable with their service, and as we continue to grow over the next few years, we hope to increase the size of our modular units with the help of the team there.”

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