Cold Room Solution for Henkel Distribution

coldrooms for saleThe Cheshire-based distribution centre of the manufacturing giant, Henkel, houses products that supply the automotive industry with glue and bonding agents used in all automotive manufacturing throughout UK and Europe. Working with us, Henkel has recently installed a cold room to keep products cool before being distributed.

Distribution Manager, Des Drohan, explains: “There isn’t a car being manufactured in Europe that doesn’t have a product we supply inside of it. With so much responsibility resting on our shoulders, we need to make sure that our site never experiences downtime and can work efficiently as possible.

“The new cold room allows us to store our temperature-sensitive products and components either on pallets or individually and offers stock rotation internally – something which container type units limit us to. The entire facility has been designed so that if we need to relocate or extend the premises should any of our product storage requirements change, it will be relatively easy to do so. By using Cold Store Rental’s rent-to-buy option means we can change the storage concept at any time throughout the five-year rental term.”

Fully-weatherproofed External Cold Room

We have supplied and installed a fully-weatherproofed external cold room with specialist PVC membrane and dual refrigeration systems each offering 65% duty to protect product integrity in the event of a malfunction.

Internally, the room provides four-tier stainless steel adjustable racking down one wall for the individual components. The room has low-level L-shaped pallet protection which guards the internal walls against damage, and large forklift-accessible pallet-wide lockable doors which allow access from multiple trucks.

Steve Prior explains, “The cold room contains LED and internal twin strip lights, and panels which adhere to EU kite mark B1 fire-rated specification due to high value and high risk productions being stored. Henkel has also supplied an H20 sprinkler system to further minimise risk.”

We are supplying 24/7 service with proactive maintenance for the cold room. Call us to find out more.

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