Cold room extension for Cotswold RAW

Cotswold RAW cold room food storageRaw pet food specialist, Cotswold RAW, has recently expanded its business offering and doubled the size of its internal freezer room with our help.

We have supplied the additional room to the raw pet food specialist part-way through the rental contract. Steve Prior, Director at CSR, explains: “We are happy to support our customers’ businesses as they grow, and are able to provide extensions during contractual periods.”

Chris Brierley, Director of Cotswold RAW, comments: “The first room took us from being a relatively small operation in the raw food industry, to having a proper production line. Now this extension enables us to consolidate how we have already been working and meet the bigger demands of our customers.

“We are impressed with how quickly Cold Store Group reacted to our needs to increase the space in our cold room. In just days, we already had the extra capacity to support our business.

“The rooms allow us to buy fresh ingredients efficiently, and we are able to fit in pallets and manoeuvre trolleys to make our lives a lot easier. Cold Store Group were able to advise the modular system, and we’re grateful that they have been flexible to enable our expansion.”

Cotswold RAW’s room extension enables the company to keep their supply chain moving seamlessly.

To find out more about modular systems, call our office on 0333 258 0200.



Cotswold RAW has been rewarded for its hard working efforts by the industry at PATs with a Pet Quip award for best new product to the UK market 2016. This was for complete sausage meals, which are now being stocked in over 70 stores
across the UK.

Well done to the team at Cotswold RAW.

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