Bespoke high-spec cold room enhances distribution at Caligor RX

Caligor RX pharmaceutical cold storage

We’ve supplied Global pharmaceutical distribution firm Caligor RX with a bespoke, high-spec chiller room to facilitate and enhance the process behind its growing distribution network as it moves to new and larger premises in Dartford.

The new chiller room(13.2m x 9.6m) is installed beneath a mezzanine floor supported by vertical beams in six places. Careful planning and design was required to incorporate the beams, fitting both the insulated floor and ceiling around them.

Pharmaceutical products are kept under strict temperature controls. The new chiller operates at 3ºC with a duplicated refrigeration system as back-up so if any problems occur, a second system triggered by an alarm will provide the correct temperature and preserve the sensitive environment.

Bespoke pharmaceutical cold room

The temperature controls are so stringent that the products must be packaged within the chiller. In addition, we have supplied two upright stainless steel freezer cabinets to store frozen gel packs for use in the transportation of the pharmaceuticals.

Phil Joyce, Director of Operations for Caligor RX says, “The unit is a good quality build, with four longitudinally aligned ceiling condensers which provide 100% redundancy.

The unit has been stress tested under maximum occupancy conditions and with the door fully open, and it performed very well. The fridge met all user requirement specifications and the thermal mapping validation criteria.”

This was a really unique project to work on; there were lots of quirks to provide solutions for, which made it really interesting and resulted in a highly bespoke room.

Caligor RX also benefits from a 24/7 maintenance service provided by us, which guarantees the unit is always fully operational.

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