Albion Meats: From Portable to Bespoke Built

Albion Meat Cold room installation

Albion Meats started in Birmingham over 35 years ago and are one of the longest established raw pet food manufacturers in the industry.

Albion MeatThe idea for the Company was developed by Catherine’s father who was a butcher by trade. He used to prepare ox heads as customers asked for the meat to feed their pets. This became their concept for what is now part of a thriving industry.

During their time at the original factory unit, they suffered a devastating arson attack. However, they didn’t let this phase them and they decided to move to their current premises in Pershore, undergoing an impressive rebranding campaign for all their packaging and marketing collateral. This resulted in a substantial uplift in product awareness and increased sales.

Catherine says:

“Over the years the business has gone from strength to strength. Pet owners are appreciating more and more that it is not just humans who need a healthy balanced diet, but also their animals too. For pets to thrive they cannot just eat rubbish”.

“It was a few years ago we realised we needed additional freezer space as we were struggling to hold the stock we needed to meet customer demands, but we were undecided on which route to take.

We initially opted for temporary portable units but were limited in the size of cold storage available i.e. a one size fits all option. The units were bulky and costly to transport, as well as being very difficult to install, with high running costs. Not only that, but due to our high ambient working temperatures, they were constantly tripping out. They also didn’t allow for a productive workflow, as we had to constantly move stock to load vehicles and could not get a pump truck inside the unit, so the decision was made to look for a more suitable solution”.

Cold Store Group went to site and undertook a thorough site survey looking at the whole business set up, to ensure that the solution offered would not only meet the customers’ current needs but to make sure that it would be future proof for Albion as their business continues to grow.

Albion Meat Cold room storage

Bespoke Freezer Room

We designed, manufactured and installed a completely bespoke freezer room, which has multiple refrigeration systems, which can operate at an ambient temperature of 43 degrees. It also has a pallet wide door, heavy-duty floor which allows access for the truck, as well as an additional personnel door for improved temperature control and H&S. This allows a productive workflow, by eliminating the need to move stock out of the way for vehicle loading.

Also, due to the size and design of the room, Albion have the option to add additional racking which will give them the necessary increased storage they may need for future growth.Albion Meat Cold room installation

Catherine summarise “The installation went very smoothly and we are very pleased with the result.  We can already see a huge benefit to the business and we would and have recommended the Cold Store Group to anyone looking for cold storage”.

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