Bespoke Cold Rooms

If you’re looking for Bespoke Cold Rooms for your business or building, look no further than here at Cold Store Group!

What is a Bespoke Cold Room?

A Bespoke Cold Room is a cold room that consists of insulating walls and panels to keep the chosen space at the perfect temperature you need it to be. Our cold rooms are built as high-quality installations that can be assembled and designed to fit any shape or size that’s required.

Our Bespoke Cold Rooms are made to measure meaning we provide a complete range of chilled and frozen rooms that suit exactly what you need based on the existing space you already have. One thing we can boast at Cold Store Group is our combined brand quality alongside our impeccable workmanship – this allows us to be able to deliver a product we believe in as well as the best possible customer service for all of our clients.

Our Bespoke Cold Rooms are delivered and constructed on-site. This means the cost of delivery can be significantly reduced, also simplifying installation for those with limited space – making the entire process stress free and easy for you!

Benefits of using Bespoke Cold Rooms

One of the biggest advantages to getting a Bespoke Cold Room is the versatility of each of them. They can be assembled to be any design shape or size that you need which is most beneficial to those who have limited space to work with. The panels are put up with ease meaning they can be just as easily unassembled should you need your cold room to move location.

Cold rooms are also incredibly cost-effective as well as being space sufficient. The amount of space gained by having a cold room instead of other refrigeration is a great deal as all cold storage is in one space surrounded by walls and doors occupying less space than individual fridges or freezers. There can be individually partitioned off spaces meaning that individual or group items can be stored together in one space, in an organised manner.

Even better than being a sufficient use of space, having all cold storage in one place provides energy efficiency as it’s easier to maintain and stabilise a cold room constantly compared to smaller cooling spaces such as refrigerators. This is great as it keeps your energy bill low, meaning your monthly costs could decrease.

Why Choose Cold Store Group?

Here at Cold Store Group, we offer proactive service, maintenance, and breakdown cover for 356 days of the year. Using our team of expert cold room specialists and our incredible drawing package, we can offer all our clients a tailor-made package.

At Cold Store Group Ltd, cold rooms are what we do best. Between us, we have over 120 Years of experience within this industry – setting us apart from our competitors.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and so our service to you will be smooth running from the beginning and throughout.

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